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Every woman has her own definition of a romantic vacation. An isolated beach with not another human in sight, a snow-covered cabin tucked into the mountains, a couples’ massageTaking a romantic vacation is an excellent way to put the love back in your relationship. followed by a night of dancing…the possibilities are endless and there’s nothing that should prevent you from doing it your way. He’s probably learned by now that you prefer tea over coffee, calla lilies to roses, but in terms of the myriad decisions involved in planning the perfect vacation, no one but yourself can plan it perfectly.
Taking matters into your own hands doesn’t have to stem from annoyance or spite; being a woman who knows what she wants is something to be proud of. You love your partner and you love yourself, too - celebrate it all by taking the reins and making your long-awaited romantic escape.

Start by visualizing your ideal vacation situation; depending on the season, your budget and how much time you can steal away, there are any number of exotic and excitement-inducing excursions out there waiting for you. Revisit an old favorite (the site of your honeymoon, maybe?) or try something altogether new. The choice is wonderfully - and excitingly - yours.

Find a villa rental in a romantic destination.Popular spots for making lovers swoon can be found around the globe. Maui condos have a certain magic, cabins and cottages in The Adirondacks make ideal hideaways and you wouldn’t go wrong with a sophisticated apartment in Montreal or New York City. Consult your traveling companion if you’d like, but don’t second guess your own romance-scouting skills.

The sound of the crashing surf, the sight of the sun sinking into a sea of brilliant colors and long, languid days spent soaking up the company of your favorite person make it easy to see why the beach is often elected as the site of honeymoons, anniversary trips and no-reason-in-particular getaways for two. Vacation rentals in The Florida Keys or Puerto Rico will give you the chance to effortlessly catch up and reconnect, just you wait.

In case you haven’t noticed, the key to cultivating, enhancing and prolonging the romantic vibes of this vacation comes down to where you unpack your bags. Without privacy, comfort and a knockout view it becomes difficult to fully relax, so use your discerning eye and go with your gut when it comes to choosing a vacation rental that will make you happy.

In these fast-paced times, waiting around to be swept off your feet doesn’t make much sense. Who knows if it ever did, but the point is that right now you’re ready for a little romance in your life, so why not ask yourself what you really want and then make it happen?


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