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Movie fanatics, you know who you are. Even if you barely have the time to squeeze in a matinee these days, watching films is a favorite pastime and one that you’re interested in incorporating into your next vacation. Be it a solo adventure, a girls’ getaway or a family trip that you plan to steal some time away from, film location vacations are an easy and fun way to add some Hollywood magic to a trip out of town. Follow in the footsteps of your favorite directors as you act out your own vacation fantasies…

New York, Of Course

Certain hotspots are practically overflowing with familiar scenery; take New York, for example. The towering skyscrapers, gritty streets, contagious energy and endless supply of interesting places and faces make this a cinematographer’s dream. Many stories have been told here, and now’s your chance to relive a few of them.

Do your own Saturday Night Fever/Sleepless in Seattle/The Way We Were research or take a shortcut to stardom and sign up for a tour. Check out or On Location Tours (, where not-yet-famous actors lead groups of movie buffs through the streets of the city - the city that’s known for marvelous movies like Annie Hall, The French Connection and The Royal Tenenbaums. Make this trip easy on yourself and treat yourself like a celebrity by renting a posh downtown New York apartment in the middle of all the action. Who says vacation rentals can’t be chic? And they certainly fit well into this narrative…

Washington DC

Washington DC is another happening city that contains a plethora of past movie There are several vacation ideas for film buffs, including renting a vacation home where your favorite film was shot..
moments. In between shuttling the kids from one historic and educational site to another you can hop on a bus or take a stroll to see a few classic, cinematically captured locales. Fans of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Independence Day, The American President and Dave will feel right at home touring the Nation’s Capital and will enjoy mixing movie-variety drama in with the real stuff. Try or to get your fix, and don’t forget that Washington DC rentals make life feel as effortless as it looks on the big screen

More Film Location Vacations

There are probably a handful of other films that have you wishing for a plane ticket every time you watch them. Finding yourself in a Tuscan Villa would be pretty fabulous (Under the Tuscan Sun), as would heading down to a Jamaican Beach House with the goal of loosening up a little bit (How Stella Got Her Groove Back). And even if can’t find Bridget Jones’ flat, you can stay in a London Vacation Rental just like it during a jaunt overseas (watching out for your very own Darcy, of course).

Whether reliving your favorite Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building moment (French Kiss and Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?) or following the path of The Da Vinci Code, make sure that each day has a happy ending. Vacation rentals across the world are waiting to house you in style and comfort; and by the way, most properties come equipped with a television and DVD player (some even have full-blown, fancy set ups) as well as a kitchen. Pop a bag of popcorn, put on your PJ’s and settle in for a cozy night of movie-watching, perhaps uncovering a future vacation destination in the process.

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