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Looking for tips for enjoying vegetarian vacations? Well, you're in luck. From flexitarians to all-out vegans, millions of people have moved away from meat as an automatic dietary centerpiece. Modern life has adapted quickly; these days it’s easy to find a corner grocery store that stocks organic snacks and many restaurants offer vegetarian options that seem to be more than just afterthoughts. All in all, it’s becoming a bigger and more accepting world for vegetarians – and yes, even going on vacation doesn’t have to mean completely abandoning your routine.

Of course, the whole point of skipping town is to let loose and indulge a bit, but ending up in an unfamiliar place jam-packed with fast food neons is the ultimate herbivore’s dilemma. With a little research and creativity, however, you’ll be prepared for anything, as there are options both in plain sight and a few that take a little scouting out. So believe it or not, vegetarians of all distinction shouldn’t have to worry about missing, or selling, out when they travel.It's easy to stick to a vegetarian diet when you can cook your own meals in a vacation rental.

Big City Options

It makes sense that larger cities, with their ethnic influences, big-named chefs and the latest trends in raw and macrobiotic foods have plenty that will please even the most particular palates. In places like New York City, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle hardly an eyebrow is raised at the practice of meatless dining and pesticide-free produce is pretty easy to get your hands on.

Head to the Countryside

For meat-abstaining travelers who’d prefer a quiet and altogether peaceful getaway, it would be perfectly plausible to escape to the country. In addition to experiencing unspoiled views, plenty of fresh air and the chance to unwind with no distractions, assuming the helm of an organic farm is also a possibility.  Don’t worry, it won’t be a plunge into the early-to-bed, early-to-rise lifestyle of a hard-bitten farmer that you’ll be undertaking; rather, it’s a matter of choosing a unique vacation rental where you’ll discover the rewards of self-sufficiency.

From the olive-scented hills of Italy to the woodsy and serene North Carolina Mountains, there are several properties available for travelers who relish the chance to see their food take a very short trip from the fields to the dinner table. It’ll be surprisingly easy to fall into the habit of ambling out back to a pluck a few tomatoes for the night’s salad or send the kids to gather a handful of raspberries for dessert. Taking a vacation doesn’t have to mean being constantly catered to; serving yourself with the fruits of the earth in between swimming, boating, hiking and exploring the countryside will let you transcend the usual – all the while keeping your taste buds entertained and your conscience appeased.Ask your vacation rental owner or consult the web about vegetarian options in your destination.

Feel Free to Indulge

At the heart of the travel experience is the desire and opportunity to try new things, and wanderers with firm dietary preferences are no exception. Choosing to limit your consumption of meat or having a soft spot for organic produce doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun of vacationing or go to bed hungry – with a little planning you’ll be as well-fed as the next overindulgent tourist. So, whether this is a health-themed trip centered on yoga and environmental friendliness or a regular family excursion that just happens to include a few ovo-lactos, there are plenty of options to help you along your merry, meat-free way.

Just try to resist forgoing standard lodgings in favor of an honest-to-goodness property that will bring out the organic farmer/chef that you’ve always wanted to be. Peruse the options and prepare to live out the ultimate food fantasy this vacation.

We hope you've enjoyed our guide to making the most of vegetarian vacations. While you're here, check out our tips and info on the best food tours in NYC.

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