Vacations for Parents and Kids [Infographic]

Vacations for kids and parents aren't always the easiest to plan. Parents often sacrifice their own fun and relaxation for their children, but that is not necessary. HomeAway's infographic on what kids want on vacation, versus what parents want, will help you plan the ultimate family-friendly getaway. From destinations that are both kid AND parent will love, to tips on getting there in the most fun way possible, we've got all your concerns covered. And don't forget to book a kid-friendly vacation rental offering up lots of space and extra amenities, even to those on a tight budget.

Here's our wrap up of the infographic about vacations for kids and parents.

What Kids Want

  • Adventure
  • Immediate gratification

What Parents Want

  • Relaxation and togetherness

Tips for Planning a Family Getaway

  • Let the kids help plan the trip
  • Break the trip up into short segments
  • Allow time for the kids to work off energy at rest stops
  • If possible, let the kiddos set the pace of your vacation
  • Plan "couple time" away from the kids (day care, bringing a babysitter along, etc)
  • Schedule alone time with each kid

Who Needs a Vacation

  • 71% of kids reported that they needed a vacation because homework "got them down"
  • 76% of kids wanted to visit a theme park
  • 50% of adults don't take annual vacations, but when they do get away, they like to hit the beach

Family Road Trips

  • Car rides can be fun, cost-efficient and excellent for bonding, but only if they are well-planned
  • Bring along art packs for slow times during the vacation

Family Plane Trips

  • Let the kids take turn sitting by the window
  • Bring along travel safe snacks to keep the little oens from getting too grumpy
  • If you have more than one kid in tow, assign a parent to each kid
  • Prep your kids for the plane flight so they know what to expect at the airport and on the actual flight
  • Find out if your airport offers "kidports," play areas for kids, and if a kids car seat is allowed on the flight

Train Rides

  • Train rides offer up great sightseeing and plenty of quality bonding time
  • Focus on the train ride being a vacation of its own, so kids don't feel rushed
  • If your train is stopping by a historic or notable train station, make sure to to point it out to your kids
  • Consider train rides that tour natural areas
  • Train rides can be more relaxing than driving, and still cheaper than flying

Destinations for both Parents and Kids

San Diego
  • The San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld are kid-pleasers
  • The Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, day cruises, and the Air and Space Museum will appeal to parents, though
  • Everyone loves the beach!
  • The Disney Resort offers up shows and rides everyone will love
  • From golf to "It's a Small World," there really is something for everyone in the Orlando area

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