10 Best Museums in Florida

When you think Florida, the first thing that comes to mind might not be museums. However, there is the odd rainy day in the Sunshine State and having a backup plan can help keep kids entertained when swimming and snorkeling aren't an option. There are some fantastic museums in Florida, from kids' museums to science museums to art museums. In most cases, it is better to visit during the week as opposed to weekends to have the best museum experience. Keep reading to discover some of the 10 best museums in Florida.

The Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium

Some of the best museums in Florida cater to kids, who love learning about the stars and the planets. At this Miami museum, kids will have the chance to engage in interactive exhibits. Adults will also love the chance to learn more about outer space.

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

In St. Augustine, Florida kids will fall in love with the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. It doesn't have to be a rainy day for kids to want to get inside this museum focused on weird, quirky, and wacky artifacts.

Orlando Science Center

Take a day away from theme parks in Orlando to check out the local science center. One highlight here is definitely the dinosaur exhibit, where kids will get the chance to encounter real dinosaur skeletons.

Salvador Dali Museum

Not all the best museums in Florida are designed just for kids. Art enthusiasts won't want to miss the Salvador Dali Museum, located in St. Petersburg. This museum features an incredibly comprehensive collection of work by the famous surrealist artist. Not all art museums will appeal to kids, but they might be interested in Dali's work.

Museum of Fine Arts

Another St. Petersburg art option is the Museum of Fine Arts. The collection here includes art dating all the way back to antiquity through the present. Whatever period of art you are interested in, you will find an exhibition here to strike your fancy.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

History buffs will want to take the time during a trip to Miami or Fort Lauderdale to visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. If you're a fan of architecture, be sure to check out this striking former home and museum on the waterfront. Kids will love the chance to explore the manicured gardens surrounding this historic landmark.

Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Many literary enthusiasts travel to Key West to see the former home of American novelist Ernest Hemingway. This museum offers great insight into where Hemingway chose to spend a significant period of his life.

National Museum of Naval Aviation

Some museums are for kids and others are for parents, while few are ideal for both. The National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola is one of the few that all ages will enjoy. Parents who want to infuse some education into their Florida vacation should plan a visit to this museum.


Beyond the Disney attractions, one of the top attractions in Orlando is Wonderworks. This museum offers fun for all ages with over 100 interactive exhibits. Comedy shows and laser tag round out the offerings at Wonderworks. A rainy day in Orlando doesn't have to be a downer for your kids with all the fun available at Wonderworks.

Florida Aquarium

In Tampa visitors will find the Florida Aquarium, technically a museum of marine life. Here kids and parents alike will be fascinated by over 10,000 specimens of plants and animals. A perfect activity for a rainy day, the aquarium might spark an interest in your kids for snorkeling or scuba diving during their Florida adventure.

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