Key West on a Budget

Are you trying to plan a trip to Key West on a budget? If so, there are a few things you should know. Beyond researching affordable activities, one of the most important factors for an affordable trip is the time of year you visit. This island destination is the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys, and at certain times of year, it is extremely popular. Savvy travelers will do their research in advance to find out how to keep more money in their pockets and maximize their vacation at the same time.

When to Visit Key West

The most important thing to consider for visiting Key West on a budget is time of year. By March you might be craving a trip to the sunshine, but beware; March is also home of spring break. Many college students who don't want the hassle of traveling internationally for spring break plan a trip to Key West. Another time to potentially avoid is hurricane season. When the water is warmest at the end of August and September, south Florida is prone to hurricanes.

You might be wondering when to find the best deals. After hurricane season, in November and December (excluding the holidays, of course) there are great deals to be found - not only on Key West vacation rentals, but also on local activities and attractions. Deals can also be found in the summer season, which has a reputation for being quite hot. If you don't mind a little heat, you can travel to Key West in the summer months very affordably.

Budget Things to Do in Key West

The scenery in Key West is a gift that is free to all visitors. While glitzy boat tours might hold a certain appeal, when you choose to visit Key West on a budget, you might have your eyes open to see more on land. Take Fort Jefferson, for example. This historic fort, located on a beach with some of the clearest tropical waters you've ever seen, is perfect for a day of swimming and snorkeling.

Another great attraction in Key West is the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Especially if you're traveling with kids, the opportunity to enter a tropical world full of hundreds of butterflies and exotic birds is one that shouldn't be missed. Another great way to enjoy a family trip is with an afternoon picnic. There are many great picnic spots in Key West including Bayview Park and Bill Butler Park.

Save and Splurge

Key West is home to a large variety of attractions and things to do. There's dolphin watching tours, fishing excursions, and famous sites such as the Ernest Hemingway house. Budget travelers sometimes think that they need to avoid anything with a price tag, but in Key West, if you choose just a couple things to splurge on, you can save in other ways. For example, treat your kids to a sailing lesson and then plan an affordable barbecue at your vacation rental in the evening.

Different people will want to splurge on different things. You might want to include a massage at a local spa, a round of golf, or a dolphin encounter in your trip to Key West. You can then save money by enjoying free activities such as scenic bike rides, a friendly game of football on the beach, or simply watching the beauty of a sunset.

Your vacation rental will set you on the right track for staying within budget. By preparing some meals at home and having entertainment at your fingertips, you can enjoy a few splurges and still stay within your budget.

Budget-friendly Vacation Rentals in Key West

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4 - 6  Night Minimum Stay
3 BR, 3 BA, 1 HF, Sleeps 8


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5 - 8  Night Minimum Stay
3 BR, 2 BA, Sleeps 7


3 - 4  Night Minimum Stay
0 BR, 1 BA, Sleeps 2


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3 - 5  Night Minimum Stay
2 BR, 2 BA, 1 HF, Sleeps 6


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30  Night Minimum Stay
1 BR, 1 BA, Sleeps 2