Cheap Road Trips


The notion of the open road once beckoned: travelers sought the long miles and endless adventures and wanted to experience the country from coast to coast. Affording such explorations now can prove to be challenging, however, because many families are uncertain of how to gain entertainment without sacrificing dollars. Cheap road trips are possible, though. They merely require novelty amusements and vacation rentals.

See the Sights by Car

The World's Largest Ball of Twine

Waiting beyond the center of Branson (Missouri's famous family mecca) is the World's Largest Ball of Twine. Though this name has been volleyed from state to state, the attraction found in Branson is the only one acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records, measuring over 40 feet in circumference. This amusing option is housed -- appropriately -- within the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum and guests will be amazed by the sheer size of it. Branson also offers another valuable feature, however: it provides ample vacation rental opportunities, with pennies able to be spared.

lucy the elephant new jersey Lucy the Elephant

New Jersey boasts an unusual guardian. Looming above the state, just beyond the glamour of Atlantic City, is Lucy the Elephant -- the world's largest zoomorphic structure ever built. This massive statue rises 65 feet into the air. It was crafted in 1881, with tin and wood used to construct the delicate details and long tusks. Time eventually yielded it recognition within the state and it was declared a national landmark in 1976. Travelers craving the benefits of Atlantic City vacation rentals (where luxurious lodgings center them among the boardwalk pleasures) must seek out Lucy and her one-of-a-kind appeal.

Stonehenge II

Searching for Stonehenge seems to defy the notion of cheap road trips; but Texas instead provides European design (without demanding costly miles). Settled in the flat plains of Ingram is Stonehenge II -- an intricate replica forged from mesh and wire. These pillars are unexpected among the Southern hospitality and can be viewed without admission, which makes them ideal for those on a budget. They're located within a quick distance of Kerville vacation rentals and won't strain bank accounts to reach.

The Corn Palace

Nestled within the streets of Mitchell (a small South Dakota town) is a greet of Moorish architecture -- drenched in 275,000 ears of corn. The Corn Palace is a famed destination among the West, offering stunning spires, columns and minarets, all carved from kernels. The unique facade of this arena makes it a favorite of travelers, especially those seeking the Black Hills beyond. The Corn Palace makes an ideal stop on the way to rugged terrain; and its many available concerts, plays and sporting events ensures that each trip is new. Daily tours are offered and there are no admission fees. Donations, however, are welcome.

Rock City

Tucked just beyond Chattanooga -- where vacation rentals provide elegant accommodations -- is Rock City. This attraction embodies the spirit of cheap road trips, offering unique activities and peculiar marketing techniques. Travelers are alerted to its presence by glimpsing signs along 900 barns throughout 19 states. Guests entering this destination will be greeted with long trails, stunning views and historic markers. Rock City is part of the Lookout Mountain chain, and it weaves through over 4,000 feet of stone gardens. Gravity defying feats (like the Swinging Bridge, which is suspended above the valley below) and challenging paths (such as Fat Man's Squeeze, which forces guests to press themselves flat against the rocks to pass) will delight. Rock City is the perfect destination for those seeking thrills without expense.

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