Save Money With Budget Beach Vacations

Budget beach vacations are within your reach. When summer arrives, it’s time to hit the beach. In spite of the lagging economy, you don’t have to go broke trying to pay for a vacation at the beach. It’s easy to take a budget beach vacation and often just as fun as splurging. Just follow these simple tips to ensure your cash is spent wisely.

Cheap beach vacation rentals

Stay in a beach condo or beach house. Budget beach vacations are easy when you choose vacation rentals, from modest condos and apartments to larger house rentals. Chip in with another family or group and split the cost. Rental homes also have kitchens so you don’t have to pay for every meal in town. Rent a centrally located house or condo and save money on transportation to and from the beach. Amenities in vacation homes range from outdoor swimming pools to Jacuzzi hot tubs, to private balconies or lanais – depending on how much you can spend.

Plan ahead

Tickets and lodging are often cheaper when you plan months in advance. Keep an eye out for special deals or discounts offered during the peak travel season. Scope out your destination’s Chamber of Commerce; often beach towns will hand out coupons to events or restaurants that tourists can redeem during their stay. They may not be for much, but you’ll be surprised at how the little things add up. And when on a budget, every little thing counts!

Be flexible

Be willing to bend a little when planning your budget beach vacation. It’s especially important to be flexible with your travel dates. For example, traveling on a weekday or booking a red-eye flight can save you hundreds of dollars. Also, you may have to skimp on extras – like towel service on the beach or a ten dollar frou-frou cocktail. And, keep in mind that even if you were hoping for a secluded vacation, it’s cheaper to travel with another group. They can help with the burden of paying for lodging, food, and transportation.

Pack wisely

Save money by bringing beach essentials from home: towels, sunscreen, Aloe Vera gel, as well as snacks, medicine, and any other necessities that may come up. Often beach towns hike their prices to make money off of tourists during the busy season. You don’t want to get caught having to spend twenty bucks on a bottle of Tylenol, so think ahead and pack for every situation.


You’ve scrimped and saved to spend time at the beach. Why not stay at the beach? While tourist towns often have other attractions to entice travelers (and their pocketbooks), the beach is your best bet because it’s free! Who needs to spend money trying to win a stuffed animal at the boardwalk? Movies, concerts, and activities for the kids – these are all fun but cost a pretty penny. Plus, you can do them at home. It’s best to stick to the beach when trying to stay on a budget. On rainy days, bundle up inside your vacation rental for a movie or board game.

Cash only

This may go without saying, but it’s easy to ‘just charge it’ when faced with a souvenir shop or a nice restaurant. In order to have a successful budget beach vacation, it’s important to overcome these impulses. One way to ensure you don’t go over your allotted funds is to use cash, a debit card, or travelers’ checks only. You may feel a twinge of disappointment when you’re look at that forty dollar souvenir T-shirt, but when the time comes to pay your summer electric bill, you’ll be glad you practiced restraint.

We hope you've enjoyed our guide to budget beach vacations.

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