World Series Vacation Rentals

Catch Some Baseball and See the World Series on Vacation

It’s the ultimate event - the grand finale of a season’s worth of baseball rivalry and anticipation. Most of us will tune in for at least the final games of the World Series, but nothing beats making your way to the stadium to see the high-stakes stickball shenanigans play out before your very eyes.

Finding a vacant hotel room at the World Series can be tricky. Check into a vacation rental instead.

  • 2013: Boston Red Sox v. St. Louis Cardinals

    • October 23: Boston

    • October 24: Boston

    • October 26: St. Louis

    • October 27: St. Louis

    • October 28: St. Louis*

    • October 30: Boston*

    • October 31: Boston*

(*played if necessary)

Admittedly, it can be tricky to pull off a Series trip. You won’t know who’s playing until the last minute, and the games are split between two possibly very distant locales. Die-hard fans have probably reserved hotel rooms well in advance just in case, but everyone else is left scrambling to find accommodations and faces the prospect of paying high prices for less-than-ideal package deals.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult; witness the main event with as little stress as possible by checking out vacation rentals. If you’ve never exercised this option before, now is the perfect time to give rental condos, houses or apartments a try. A rental within a few miles of the stadium outfitted with more than the typical amenities (think kitchen, washer/dryer, etc…) will be a soothing component of an otherwise hectic and exciting trip.

No matter where the best-of-seven ends up being played…New York? Boston? Denver? Chicago? Make a vacation of it by taking some time to explore the city in between games, and when the spotlight shifts to the other’s team’s backyard you can join some fans at a nearby sports bar or simply watch the drama unfold from the privacy of your home away from home.

Don’t let uncertainty keep you from seizing the chance to witness baseball’s big finish. The players and location of the World Series may still be up in the air, but there’s no doubt you’ll end up feeling victorious when you snag convenient digs in a city alive with competition.

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