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Managing your listing: renewals, upgrades, and switching from pay-per-booking


Continue reaping the benefits of advertising with the number one vacation rental company in the world by opting in to auto-renewal or completing the manual renewal process. It's quick and easy. 

What is auto-renew? 

With auto-renew, you don’t have to worry about your listing expiring each year. We’ll automatically charge the credit card you have on file to renew your listing at the current subscription level. Bundles and one-year featured listings also renew. 

How do I enable auto-renew? 

Turn it on by logging into your account, selecting the property you want to renew or update, visiting your "Personal Details" page and then selecting "Payment preferences" at the top. 


Turn on auto-renew on HomeAway

Turn on auto-renew on VRBO

Turn on auto-renew on VacationRentals.com


You can turn it off by visiting the same place on your dashboard. Be sure to turn it off at least five days prior to your upcoming renewal date. 

What happens if I don’t have auto-renew? 

Subscriptions without auto-renewal remain active until the expiration date. View your expiration date on the "Listing Details" page.


View my listing details on HomeAway

View my listing details on VRBO

View my listing details on VacationRentals.com


You can manually renew your listing by visiting your "Listing Details" page in your dashboard and selecting “Renew” for the property. Through the checkout process, you can select the level and bundle you want for the following year. (Learn more about Subscriptions and Bundles)

TIP: You can renew prior to your expiration date for the following year. 

What happens if I have a pay-per-booking listing? 

Pay-per-booking listings do not expire so your listing will always be active – you can hide your listing temporarily by clicking “Hide listing” on the "Listing Details" page of your dashboard. 


View my listing details on HomeAway

View my listing details on VRBO

View my listing details on VacationRentals.com


Even if your subscription hasn't expired, you might want to upgrade to a higher subscription level or add a bundle to get more exposure for your listing. You can do this at any time and pay the pro-rated price for the rest of your subscription. Learn more about Subscriptions and Bundles.

How do I upgrade my subscription? 

Visit your "Listing Details" page and select "Upgrade" for the property. On the following page, you'll see all the different subscription levels and bundle options with some helpful information to help you decide. Select the level and bundle you want and continue through the checkout process. 


View my listing details on HomeAway

View my listing details on VRBO

View my listing details on VacationRentals.com

Switching from pay-per-booking to an annual subscription

Pay-per-booking is a great way to test the waters. But if you’re planning on renting out your vacation home for more than a couple weeks a year, an annual subscription might be a more affordable option.

How can I change my listing from subscription to pay-per-booking?

With a pay-per-booking listing, you can convert to a subscription listing at any time. You’ll pay one upfront free for unlimited bookings throughout the year and get more control over your position in traveler search results. Simply sign into your dashboard, click the “Manage Listing” tab, and select “Switch to subscription.” Please note that all bookings submitted by travelers while the listing is still pay-per-booking are subject to pay-per-booking fees. You can determine which payments will be charged a commission by viewing the payment details in your dashboard.


If you need help switching, contact our sales team at 1-977-226-3657 M-F 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-4pm