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Listing Quality — Get Better Performance

While your subscription level determines where a listing will appear on the results page, you control where a listing appears compared to others at the same subscription level. After subscription level, though, the most important factor to search result placement is listing quality.


Research has shown that there are some key pieces of information that travelers are looking for when they search for a vacation rental. We have measured those factors to ensure that the listings at the top of their search have the information travelers want and need. In order to have the greatest impact on your search position, follow the recommendations below or find customized recommendations for you located in the "Performance" tab of your Dashboard.


Take advantage of your listing scorecard

Did you know you can get specific recommendations for your listing from your HomeAway or VRBO dashboard? Visit your listing scorecard in the "Performance" tab to get immediate feedback on your listing, see your scores, and learn how to improve your ranking and stand out to travelers.




Update your calendar regularly

Make sure your listing's availability calendar is up to date so travelers know when it's available. If there have been no recent changes, you can click “Calendar is up to date” in the dashboard to let us know. (HINT: Utilizing online booking helps make it easier to manage your calendar.)

Update my HomeAway calendar

Update my VRBO calendar

Use all 24 photos

Travelers like to know what to expect when renting your home. Upload 24 well-staged, up-to-date photos to each listing and show off your space. And make sure they’re big — for best results, we recommend 1024x768 pixels. Otherwise, they can look grainy or blurry on some computer screens.


Update my HomeAway photos

Update my VRBO photos

Use quotable rates

Quotable rates make it easy for travelers to search by price. They also improve your position in search results and eliminate the manual work of providing quotes for every inquiry you receive.

Set up HomeAway quotable rates

Set up VRBO quotable rates

Accept online payments & bookings

Over 85% of travelers prefer to book online, and the first step is to accept credit cards and eChecks through HomeAway Payments. Improve your ranking even more by accepting paid reservation requests with a “Book it now” button on your listing.

Sign up on HomeAway now

Sign up on VRBO now

Add the "Book It Now" button

Once you have quotable rates set up, you can add the “Book it Now” button. Make it easier for travelers to get a quote and actually place a 24-hour hold on a property while you evaluate and confirm that they're a good fit. It's more convenient for potential guests, and will improve your search ranking too.

Get the "Book it Now" button on HomeAway

Get the "Book it Now" button on VRBO

Get reviews from past guests

Travelers like to hear how other travelers enjoyed a property. The more positive reviews, the more confident they'll feel booking your property. You can request reviews from all past guests from your dashboard. And if they booked and paid through our system, we'll even solicit a review for you automatically!

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Use the interactive map

Travelers want to know where they are staying in relation to attractions and restaurants they're planning to visit. By placing a property on the map and enabling them to zoom in and out, you can give travelers a better feel for your home's location.

Go to my HomeAway map

Go to my VRBO map


The longer a property has been on our site, the more confidence travelers have and the more comfortable they are booking your property.


Auto-renewal ensures that you won't lose your tenure with hassle-free renewals. If you prefer to manually renew, be sure to do so before it expires to maintain your tenure.

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NOTE: While you can impact your rank within your level, the search rankings are dynamic so you might notice ongoing shifts in your position.