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Get to Know Your Dashboard

ReservationManager is a set of tools accessible from your dashboard, designed to make the process of renting your vacation home even easier. Now everything you need is in one place from your  HomeAway or VRBO dashboard!

Take a look at some of the things you can do below.


ReservationManager offers a wide range of actions accessible from the HomeAway dashboard. They are broken up into several broader categories, located in the left navigation menu:


  • Inquiries — View inquiries, booking requests, and other conversations.
  • Payments — Set up and manage traveler payments; integrates with reservations, reviews, and more.
  • Reservations — create and manage bookings through every stage of the process.
  • Calendar — See availability at a glance; automatically updated with online payments.
  • Reviews — See what guests are saying and solicit feedback.
  • Settings — Customize your payment preferences, template messages, and more.


Think of this as your "inbox." Here you can see all traveler correspondence and reply to their questions, send quotes, etc. We have message templates so you don't have to write out the same email over and over. You can even create your own customized emails to use.


Top uses:

  • View traveler questions & booking requests
  • Stay organized with threaded conversation views
  • Save time with reusable email templates


badge payments

You're not in the vacation rental business just because it's fun! Getting paid is vitally important, and we make it easy. 85% of travelers prefer to pay online instead of mailing a check. With HomeAway Payments you can accept eChecks for free and credit cards for a low 2.5% fee.* Plus, it's integrated with all your other HomeAway tools so the system will automatically adjust your calendar and send review requests after a guest has stayed. It also helps your sort rank in traveler searches.

Top uses:

  • Set up online payment and booking
  • Accept credit cards and eChecks
  • Combine bookings & payments into an automated process
  • View upcoming or outstanding payments 


*Varies depending on location.


View all your bookings in one place, so you can see details like who's coming next, who has paid, and more. It's all on one screen, with the ability to get more detail on any potential guest just a click away. Easily view, change, or make a note about an upcoming reservation, or book a new one. It's all here.


Top uses:

  • Create and manage bookings
  • See which nights are booked
  • Monitor all stages of reservation process



See a property's schedule for the next month...or the next twelve. The calendar makes it easy to see how much time has already been booked and when guests are coming and going. Your calendar is also automatically updated to reflect any online payments you receive. The calendar is important to keep updated so travelers can easily see if a property is available for their travel dates. Not to mention it helps your position in search results!


Top uses:

  • Review schedule and availability
  • Automatically updated (online payment users only)
  • Updated calendar improves search rank




It's important to stay current on what people are saying about your properties. Positive reviews inspire confidence in potential guests and improves your search rank as well. This screen makes it easy to read all your reviews and reply to each one. You can also request a review from a previous guest (NOTE: this happens automatically if our online calendar was used to book the reservation).


Top uses:

  • See what guests are saying and get feedback
  • Request reviews, see past comments, respond
  • More reviews improves search rank


Set up your rates, booking preferences, rental policies, and other important information about a property. You can also create new email templates to use for specific types of traveler inquiries so you don't have to always cut and paste from old emails. This is also where you can decide which vacation protection products are offered to your guests.


Top uses:

  • Customize payment/booking preferences
  • Add the "Book it Now" button
  • Create and edit template messages

Edit Listing

Carousel Images

It's important to keep your listing current with recent photos, up-to-date rates, and any new amenities. Visit the Listing Manager any time you need to make updates on your listing or want to test out a new headline to make your property stand out.


Top uses:

  • Upload your latest photos
  • Update your rates for the coming seasons
  • Add new content or test out a new version of your headline

Recent Activity

The "Recent Activity" tab of your dashboard will tell you about any important actions, such as responding to new inquiries or upcoming reservations. You can also get an at-a-glance look at your inquiry performance and your calendar. Plus, there is a convenient "my calendar is up to date" link to ensure guests have the most current info. Bonus: it also helps your sort position.


Top uses:

  • Manage upcoming inquiries and reservations
  • Ensure your calendar is up to date
  • Review your inquiry performance

Listing Info

Visit the "Listing Info" tab to check the status of your listing (including its expiration date), manage renewals, and learn about upgrade options. You can even check your current search rank.


Top uses:

  • Renew your listing or turn off auto-renewal
  • Upgrade your subscription level or bundle
  • Purchase a special offer or featured listing


The "Performance" tab gives you a breakdown of the number of page views and inquiries your listing has received. If you're getting lots of page views but not many inquiries, you may be missing crucial data for travelers — such as updated calendar, reviews, or current rates.


Top uses:

  • Review your listing's pageviews and inquiries
  • See how your performance changes month to month

Marketing Tools

Here are a couple of bonus features. Post a slideshow of your photos to Facebook so you can promote your property to friends or fans. You can also access widgets to display key data on your personal website like your calendar, review rating and more.


Top uses:

  • Promote your property on Facebook with a slideshow
  • Get badges for your personal website

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