APRIL 2015


10 Badass Views from Rooms Around the World You Can Stay In - Nicole Theodore
"With more and more homes becoming cooler vacation spots than resorts, HomeAway features thousands of rentals with pretty incredible views. From Paris to Hollywood Hills, here are 10 worth planning a trip around."


Turn Your Overseas Retirement Fantasy Into Reality - Jane Bennett Clark
"As with any budget, sticking with it involves trade-offs. Rather than stay in hotels, they rent more-affordable vacation homes through HomeAway."

MARCH 2015

Sherman's Travel

The Rise of the Vacation Home: From a Single Lodge to a $85 Billion Industry - Christine Dayao
"To find out, we partnered with HomeAway, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. We were surprised to find that the beginnings of the vacation home began a whopping 400 years ago, with not-so-humble beginnings at one of France’s most storied properties."

USA Today

How to Avoid Booking a Bad Vacation Rental - Christopher Elliott
"HomeAway, the largest vacation rental website, relies on user reviews to ensure quality, and it will investigate a listing when it's reported as unclean. It offers an application for rental owners to make tax compliance easier."

Harper's Bazaar

How to Rent a Chic Summer Home - Melanie Nayer
"'Luxury doesn't always have to cost,' says HomeAway.com Senior Vice President, Jon Gray. HomeAway.com recently launched their new luxury portal, Luxury Rentals by HomeAway.com, which features an exclusive set of high-end homes. 'Luxury travelers want a curated experience and a high-end luxury experience that's really well-executed,' says Gray."


HomeAway Enlists Rapper Prince Ea for Moving Vacation Manifesto - Dennis Schaal
"One piece of HomeAway’s “Whole Vacation” marketing campaign is a lot smarter than expected as the vacation rental site enlisted rapper Prince Ea, with his 1.36 million Facebook fans, for a soft-sell and emotional three-minute and 25 second video extolling the life-altering and spiritual attributes of living in the moment and taking a vacation."

Yahoo! Finance

HomeAway CEO: We are not Airbnb - Suzanne O'Halloran
"HomeAway’s CEO wants investors to know the company is not Airbnb. 'You are not going to see us go head long into city apartments, primary residences, which is what they [Airbnb] do very well,' said Sharples, who is differentiating HomeAway’s brand with the company's first marketing campaign a decade." 

Ad Week

Ad of the Day: This Dog's Incredible Journey Shows Why Family Vacations Should Include Pets HomeAway shares the same story from 2 perspectives - Katie Richards
"HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by letting potential customers know they don't have to leave their four-legged loved ones behind. Even the dog is welcome when you look beyond the usual hotel chains and rent pet-friendly accommodations."

Fast Co. Create

A Sweet Two-Sided Story from HomeAway Shows Why Your Dog Should Always be Included in Family Vacations - Jennifer Miller
"Just because you leave your normal digs for that long-anticipated vacay doesn't mean your destination can't also have a homey, family feel. In these spots by Saatchi & Saatchi London for vacation rental site HomeAway, a young girl is whisked off to frolic with her grandparents and cousins in a gorgeous country home. Instead of having fun, however, she spends most of the time pining for her dog, Biscuit."


10 Incredibly Cool Vacation Rentals You Need to Stay In - Nicole Theodore
Exploring luxurious spots around the globe doesn’t have to mean staying at over priced resorts. Vacation rentals have become an even better option, and often mean a much more private vacation where it can really be adults only. With more than 1 million vacation rentals in 190 countries, HomeAway allows globe trotters access to a whole home, and not just a single room.

Paste Magazine

6 Budget Secrets for South by Southwest - Lynn Freehill-Maye
"Hotel rates soar up to $1,000 per night during the festival; even the homely Howard Johnson jumps to $250 nightly. Stay away from the surge-priced hotels and book a homestay via Airbnb or Austin-based HomeAway." 

Main Street

This Is How Much Insurance You'll Need Before Renting Out a Vacation Home - Jason Notte
"Vacation rental site HomeAway — which also owns rental services VRBO, VacationRentals.com and BedandBreakfast.com — recently partnered with CBIZ Property & Casualty Program to create a primary vacation-rental insurance plan called HomeAwayAssure to cover gaps in a homeowner's insurance policy that don't cover rentals."


Fox News

Taking the Kids -- for Spring Break - Eileen Ogintz
"Try your luck with a vacation apartment rental from a place like HomeAway.com, which has thousands of listings in some cities (3,500 in NYC!). You'll save big on food (who wants to go out for every meal?) and have more room to spread out."

USA Today

10 Vacation Rentals to Stay in Before you Die - Ben Abramson
 "Villa in Tuscany? Caribbean beach bungalow? Sleek Tokyo apartment? You can try a lot of vacation styles on for size from the comfort of home. Now, HomeAway.com, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, has provided this tempting list of bucket-list vacation rentals."

New York Times

Booking Flights and Hotels: Online Agents or Direct? - Stephanie Rosenbloom
"Even as direct booking is gaining popularity, more travelers are choosing to book places to stay through alternative lodging websites like Airbnb and HomeAway. PhoCusWright estimates that 14 percent of travelers booked a private home, condo or apartment for at least one of their trips in 2013, up from 8 percent in 2010."


Brian Sharples, Head Honcho At HomeAway, Gives a Glimpse into the Future - Gay Gaddis
"Over the past 10 years, CEO and Cofounder, Brian Sharples, has built one of the hottest travel businesses around with two simple concepts make it easier and more affordable for friends and family to travel the world together."

San Francisco Chronicle

After Tangle with City, HomeAway CEO talks Vacation-Rental Growth - Carolyn Said
"Brian Sharples is CEO and co-founder of HomeAway, a pioneer of vacation rentals in private homes. The Austin, Texas, company just passed its 10-year mark and has 1 million listings in 190 countries, 17 offices worldwide and 1,750 employees."


One Decade in, HomeAway Reminds us all That it is Not Airbnb - Nick Vivion
"The campaign could be dubbed whole home, whole family emphasizing that HomeAway is generally about whole home vacation rentals and that vacationing has evolved to now include the modern family of multi-generational travelers."

Hotels Magazine

HomeAway Unveils Family Marketing Campaign - Brittany Farb
The campaign features scenes from various HomeAway properties showing a variety of families in vacation rental properties. The creative launches globally starting March 16 and will target consumers with a variety of media, includingdigital, social media and television.

Ad Week

HomeAway Invests ‘Ten of Millions of Dollars’ in Global Campaign - Christopher Heine
"The creative reflects "a modern family feel," Dima said... Yet HomeAway aims to extend the "family" concept to include groups of friends—an idea the brand's marketers believe will hit home with social media-happy Gen Y."

Chicago Tribune

Ultra-rich living the dream in multiple homes - Mary Umberger

"HomeAway.com a major vacation rental marketplace, recently combed through years of data to learn who's buying them these days, compared to the relative dark ages of a decade ago. Gleanings: Vacation home buyers are significantly younger than they used to be. In the past decade, the median age of buyers has dropped from 55 to 43."


The True Virtue of HomeAway - Adam Lashinsky
"The company spent its money well, building a profitable business whose revenues are approaching $500 million. Its valuation is nearly $3 billion, and Sharples said the company has been preoccupied for its first decade with consolidating its many acquisitions on a single technology platform."

Business Insider

The Kind of Family Vacation You Took When You Were a Kid is Going Extinct - Nicholas Carlson
"The traditional family vacation, the one in which Mom and Dad and two kids pile into a station wagon and head to a summer retreat all by themselves, is going away. At least, that's according to Brian Sharples, the CEO of HomeAway, the rental service for vacation homes."


Nine converted barns for the perfect country vacation - Michelle Profis, Country Living
“Check out these pictures of converted barns you can spend the night in, from HomeAway."


Interview: HomeAway CEO on Whether His Company is Next Acquisition Target - Dennis Schaal
"In the early 2000s, the idea of staying at a rented house instead of a hotel wasn’t so much on the radar for your average traveler. Needless to say, that’s changed… With interest showing no sign of slowing down soon, we decided to get some tips on renting a vacation home from Jon Gray, senior vice president of Austin-based HomeAway, which offers a million vacation rental listings in 190 countries worldwide and this month celebrates its 10th anniversary."


What agents should know about the rapidly growing vacation rental market - Heather Bayer
“The vacation rental market is in a period of massive growth. More vacation homes are being purchased; more owners are planning on renting; and more tourists are finding that this new mode of accommodation fits their needs better than a hotel or resort… 14 percent of the HomeAway survey responders were preretirement buyers (those buying with the intention to retire full time to the property in later years) — and they are getting younger; the average age of new vacation-home buyers is 47 years.”

Men’s Journal

The New Rules of Vacation Rentals - Jesse Will
"HomeAway,vacation rental website, surveyed 1,000 Americans and found that more people are specifically planning to take road trips for President’s Day weekend and spring break, in part because of low gas prices."


10 vacation rentals that are way cooler than hotels - PureWow
“You can find anything on the Internet these days--including some totally awesome places to stay on vacation. Skip the hotel and book a stay in one of these ten unconventional vacation rentals around the world.”

San Antonio Express-News

Top 25 cities in Texas for spring breakers - Rebecca Salinas
“HomeAway, a vacation rental website, surveyed 1,000 Americans and found that more people are specifically planning to take road trips for President’s Day weekend and spring break, in part because of low gas prices.”

Real Simple

6 Historic Homes You Can Vacation In - Samantha Zabell
“Built in 1882 and located near the French Quarter, this home retains much of its charm—with antique furniture, stained glass windows, high ceilings, and French doors… For more photos and booking information, visit HomeAway.”


Top 10 Most Popular President’s Day Weekend Destinations - Suzanne Rowan Kelleher
“Looking for a getaway destination for Presidents Day Weekend? According to HomeAway.com research, Americans are flocking to the mountains for the three-day holiday weekend.”

The Austin-American Statesman

Planning a trip? HomeAway's senior vice president offers some tips - Kristin Finan
“In the early 2000s, the idea of staying at a rented house instead of a hotel wasn’t so much on the radar for your average traveler… With interest showing no sign of slowing down soon, we decided to get some tips on renting a vacation home from Jon Gray, senior vice president of Austin-based HomeAway, which offers a million vacation rental listings in 190 countries worldwide and this month celebrates its 10th anniversary.”


10 Drool-Worthy Vacation-Home Rentals - Maggie Winterfeldt
“Ever daydream about where you would go if you could travel anywhere in the world?... In fact, HomeAway didn't just fantasize, it scoured its database of more than one million listings to find the most outrageously spectacular homes in the most picturesque locations around the globe. Grab a pen and start taking notes, because you need to visit at least one of these vacation homes before you die.”


AOL Real Estate

Super Bowl Landlords: From Nuns to Homeowners - Sheree Curry
“'The typical property for rent [for the Super Bowl] on HomeAway is a 2-3 bedroom home, sleeping 8-10 people -- ideal for splitting the cost for a family or group of friends,' says HomeAway spokesman Adam Annen. However, a lot of property owners have luxury homes with grand foyers and swimming pools.”


Best Travel Deals and Destinations for 2015 - Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue
“Check out the Luxury Rentals From Homeaway site if you need fancy lodging for a big group. Rosenbloom thought it could be helpful if you’re planning a family reunion or a trip with a bunch of friends who’d want to stay in a luxury villa. “You may be able to afford a big, beautiful home in another country, sometimes with housekeeping services,” she said.”

USA Today

Five myths about ski vacations - Everett Potter
“There are hacks that can significantly lower the cost of ski vacation.… In many ski towns, lodging choices have grown thanks to sites such as VRBO.com and HomeAway.com.”

Seattle Times

Where you could sleep for Super Bowl - Kristin Jackson
“Money truly no object? Then snap up an 11,300-square-foot mansion in a Scottsdale gated community for $167,732  (for an 8-night minimum stay that’s required around the Super Bowl). It’s uber-luxurious and, of course, has its own pool.”

Yahoo! Travel

The Most Over-the-Top Phoenix Rentals for the Big Game - Jordi Lippe
“Many people’s game day parties consist of beer and pizza at home with friends. But, if you feel like upping the ante and heading to University of Phoenix Stadium for Super Bowl XLIX, there are some over-the-top properties in Phoenix that would definitely score a touchdown with your pals. These are the most expensive rentals for Super Bowl celebrations.”

Boston Globe

Olympic Rentals May Mean Real Cash for Homeowners - Megan Turchi
“A place like HomeAway functions as a way to connect people to homes in the area they want to go — and prices are regulated by supply and demand… Apparently, there are over 6,000 HomeAway properties on the Cape alone.”


Rent Kurt Warner’s Arizona Super Bowl home! - Phil Watson
“Headed to Arizona for Super Bowl week? Want to experience Super Bowl week like a real NFL player? Then are you in luck! You, too, could live in the home once occupied by former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner when he played for the Arizona Cardinals—the only quarterback ever to take the Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl by the way.”


Best Houses for a Bachelorette Party - Orenstein, Malia and Murphy
“These dream mansions are basically bach-party porn.”


Rent Kurt Warner's Former Home During Super Bowl Week - Josh Katzowitz
“If you still haven’t made plans for lodging at this year’s Super Bowl in Phoenix, you’re in luck. You can stay at the old residence of former Arizona Cardinals star quarterback Kurt Warner. And it’ll only cost you $150,000 for the week.”

Sports Illustrated

Rent Kurt Warner's old home for Super Bowl week - Extra Mustard
“The house's rental page on HomeAway.com lists the estate's features, including two master suites, private patios, a heated pool and spa and a billiards room near the home theater.”

CNN Money

Super Luxury Super Bowl Rentals - Emily Jane Fox
“Hotels close to this year's Super Bowl in Arizona have been booked for months. But these super-sized, super luxe, super pricey properties are still available to rent on HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace.”


Hoteliers can learn from HomeAway’s marketing - Karen Tina Harrison
“HomeAway.com is the Web's leading vacation-villa rental company. Its most upscale villas are available through its Luxury Rentals from HomeAway collection.”


Fox News

Awesomely Insane New Year’s Parties around the World - FoxNews.com
"Ring in the New Year with 25 of your closest pals on a 50-acre private island in the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays. This island, conveniently located just 200 miles from Miami, features a house with 13 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, so there is plenty of room for some midnight magic."

ABC News:

Know Before You Go: 7 Secrets of Vacation Rentals - Genevieve Shaw Brown
"But there's plenty of people still wary of sleeping in someone else's house on vacation. So we asked the experts at HomeAway.com, which has more than 1 million listings, to share the reasons why a traveler might want to consider a rental home over a hotel room on their next trip."


What CEOs at Top Travel Booking Sites Say About Competition and Winning - Samantha Shankman
"I think these are interesting times for sure because you have a combination of a lot of M&A activity in the Internet sector in general and travel in specific. Coupled with that you have some very big market cap players like Expedia and TripAdvisor and Priceline… that all have their mind set on global travel dominance. Which is different from HomeAway. We have our eyes set on global vacation rental dominance."


As you age, keep your home by renting it out - Liz Weston
“…people are discovering a third option: keeping the family home -- or family vacation home -- but renting it out to vacationers for extra income. The average vacation rental on HomeAway, for example, is booked 18 weeks a year and grosses around $26,000 annually, says spokesman Adam Annen.”

Country Living

8 Converted Churches You Can Rent as Vacation Homes - Johanna Li
"Looking for a unique weekend experience? Relax in one of these converted churches, all available for rent on HomeAway."

Budget Travel

Spend Christmas in a Castle - Jamie Beckman
"A medieval fortress turned castle residence, the château sits amid 123-plus acres of vineyards in Southern France... Locals say Molière himself probably performed in this very castle."

USA Today

8 Vacation Rental Packing Tips - Caroline Costello, SmarterTravel.com
"We talked to Lynne Martin, author of Home Sweet Anywhere, to find out what should go at the top of our vacation-home must-pack list. Martin's the expert: She and her husband sold everything they owned and traveled the world, staying in HomeAway vacation rentals. Here are the top eight items Martin recommends packing."

Budget Travel

14 Spectacular "Hobbit Houses" You Can Actually Stay In! - Kaeli Conforti
"Looking for a funky and unique vacation rental? Just in time for the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, these amazing homes will make you feel as if you're visiting J.R.R. Tolkien's world!"


Your rentable Middle-earth home away from home - Anthony Domanico
"To celebrate the final movie in "The Hobbit" series, vacation rental marketplace HomeAway.com has compiled a list of rental properties that whisk guests away to the magical world of Middle-earth (or something like it)."


Hobbit holiday homes you can stay in around the world - Guardian
“As The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies hits UK cinemas, we take a look at the best Shire-like abodes you can rent for your next holiday."


6 Beautiful Private Estates That Are Now Open to the Public - Maura Kutner Walters
“The upscale homes of some famous names are now doing business as vacation destinations for renters who want luxury—and, maybe, to live a little vicariously."

Main Street

5 Better Homes for Your Unwanted Holiday Season Houseguests - Jason Notte
"Whether you're scoping out a larger house for the whole family or just trying to get a cabin away from the rest of the relatives, there's a way to have a home for the holidays without either imposing or holing up in a hotel. While the percentage of HomeAway users who'll stay at a vacation rental is roughly even with those who'll stay at hotels during the Thanksgiving holiday, a whopping 31% will pick a rental house or apartment for their Christmas vacation destination of choice."


Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Vacation Destinations - Suzanne Rowan Kelleher
“‘Looking for a getaway destination for Christmas week? According to HomeAway.com, the largest online vacation rental listing site, Americans are flocking to marquee family destinations for the holidays."

Hotel News Now

Hoteliers can learn from HomeAway’s marketing - Alicia Hoisington
"I’ve never booked accommodations for a trip via a sharing-economy website. Although many industry folk say alternative accommodations are for the millennials, this millennial doesn’t quite trust it… But then I watched Brian Sharples, co-founder and CEO of HomeAway, speak during the PhoCusWright Conference… we all know how important telling a story is when it comes to hospitality. In my opinion, this is why the video is such a success and makes me want to book with HomeAway for my next vacation."



5 Places to Score a Cheap Vacation Rental Right Now - Suzanne Rowan Kelleher
“When a destination experiences an influx of new vacation rental listings, it becomes a better value for budget-conscious families.  According to HomeAway.com, these five markets have seen the largest increase in new vacation rental listings in 2014.”

Elle Decor

12 Amazing Holiday Getaways Under $100 - Sarah Yang
"12 amazing holiday getaways under $100 - get some R&R this holiday season and stay at one of these budget-friendly accommodations."


HomeAway’s Chief Strategist on the Evolution of Alternative Stays - Jason Clampet
“‘We’ll also be giving homeowners more tools to tell them who’s staying in their homes. But the major thing that we’re doing is educating our homeowners every day that the world is changing, and that if they don’t change, they’ll miss out.’”

Good Housekeeping

10 of the World's Quirkiest Vacation Homes - Johanna Li
“10 of the world's quirkiest vacation homes- make your next getaway a true escape from the ordinary.”


Rental disruptor HomeAway
Carl Shepherd, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of HomeAway, discusses his company and feelings about the economy with CNBC's Simon Hobbs.

Fox Business

Brian on Fox Business - Varney - Jan 2015 - Super Bowl.png
Super Bowl Vacation Rentals
HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples on the company, how it helps customers find vacation rentals and the impact of Super Bowl Sunday on the business.

Bloomberg TV

HomeAway to be more aggressive with Marketing
HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples talks about the company's second-quarter earnings and growth strategy on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop."


HomeAway Participates in Habitat for Humanity 
KVUE teamed up with Habitat for Humanity, HomeAway and the Austin Board of Realtors for the 10th annual Homes For The Holidays Blitz Build. 


HomeAway CEO: Good year for rentals
Our fastest-growing market this year is the Jersey shore, says Brian Sharples, HomeAway CEO, providing his read on the short-term summer rental business and the latest travel trends.


Perfect Family Getaways for July 4
Rene Syler of the TV show “Sweet Retreats” recommends a comfy and affordable VRBO rental in San Diego, California for families celebrating July 4.


HomeAway hits 1 Million Live Vacation Rental Listings
HomeAway Co-founder Carl Shepherd discusses the growing alternative accommodations industry with CNBC's Squawk Box.


HomeAway Focused on its Customers
HomeAway COO and President Brent Bellm chats with the Street Signs team.


How to rent your home for the summer
HomeAway COO Brent Bellm provides expert guidance on renting out your home for the summer on CNBC’s “30 Seconds to Know”.

Today Show

Perfect vacation rentals for families
Rene Syler of the TV show “Sweet Retreats” suggests some budget-friendly vacation rentals for your summer trips.


Vacation homes heating up
Vacation home sales jumped nearly 30 percent in 2013 from 2012
according to data from HomeAway and the National Association of Realtors. CNBC's Diana Olick reports.


How to find the best vacation rental bargains
CNBC's Kelli Grant shares her secrets for a fun and affordable family vacation.

Bloomberg West

Executive Shuffle
HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples catches up with the Bloomberg West team (36:30)

Fox 7 Austin

jon gray fox 7.jpg

SXSW Rentals
HomeAway SVP Jon Gray on the high demand and short supply of lodgings during large events like SXSW, and how increasing numbers of visitors to Austin are using short-term rentals.

Fox Business


HomeAway's valuation and market-leading position
COO Brent Bellm provides insight into the incredible growth of the vacation rental industry and HomeAway's role within it.


Super Bowl Rental Boom
HomeAway COO Brent Bellm on the demand for vacation rentals during the Super Bowl.


Habitat video.png

HomeAway employees participate in Habitat for Humanity build
Austin families receive new homes for the holidays.

Bloomberg TV

Demand for Second Homes Up Sharply
HomeAway CEO HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples discusses the vacation home rental market with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves."

Fox Business

Superbowl Brian Fox Business.png

Renting a $5,000 home for the Super Bowl
HomeAway CEO & co-founder Brian Sharples on renting homes during the Super Bowl weekend.

Bloomberg TV

What's New in the Home Sharing Market?
HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples discusses the future of home sharing, Airbnb's legal battles and the company's acquisition strategy with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."


Fox Business

Carl - Fox Business - Oct.png

NY AG probing rent-by-owner industry
HomeAway chief strategy officer Carl Shepherd on NY AG Schneiderman subpoenaing his business asking for clients' info.

Bloomberg West

What's next for HomeAway?
Brian Sharples, CEO of HomeAway, discusses the company's vacation rental ideas and expansion plans with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

CNBC: Mad Money

Brian Sharples, CEO of HomeAway, discusses the company's process of rolling out a pay-per-booking model of its vacation rental websites.


Summer rentals: Skip hotels, stay in a house If you've waited until the last minute to plan your summer vacation, real estate analyst Dani Babb can help. She explains why renting a house might be a better choice than staying in a hotel and shares some of her favorite destinations.

Fox Business