Evaluate Your Advertising Options

If you have the time to manage your own property, owners who ‘rent by owner’ enjoy the control and flexibility online tools provide. Property managers are another great option to rent your home if you prefer to pay a commission to reduce some of the work involved with renting.

There are 3 main ways to attract travelers and get bookings for your home:

  1. Word of mouth through friends and family
  2. Through a property manager or real estate company
  3. ‘Rent by Owner’ online

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Advantages of Using Property Managers

Advantages of Advertising Online

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Here is a look at the different advertising options to help you determine which method best fits your needs.

  Cost Control over who
stays in your home
Time to manage
Ability to deliver
travelers for bookings
Word of Mouth Free Complete control over who rents your property Depends on your personal network and how many weeks you're expecting to fill Depends on your personal network
'Rent by Owner'
Low – online sites can charge up to $1000/year Complete control over who rents your property Depends on the season, but expect to spend from 5 minutes to an hour a day to manage all your bookings during high season and 30 min a week during the off-season Both advertising online and using a property manager give you maximum exposure and can deliver lots of leads for your property. The factors contributing to number of bookings depend on the size and amenities of your home, the competition in your area, your specific location, etc.
Depending on the market, management companies charge a commission of 10-40% of your rental fees Screening done through the manager This is the biggest benefit of using a PM. They do most of the work for you