HomeAway Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

The Refer-A-Friend Program (the "Program") allows current HomeAway.com and VRBO.com (individually a "Site" and collectively "the Sites") customers ("You") to earn discounts on their subscriptions by referring friends ("Referrals") to become advertising members on a Site.  In addition to the language used to market the Program on the Sites, and the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Site offering the Program (which can be found at links at the bottom of such website) the following terms and conditions apply (collectively the "Program Terms"):

  1. Program Eligibility.  You must be a U.S. resident, at least 18 years of age, and a current advertising member on a Site.  The Program shall be void where prohibited by law.
  2. Use of Coupon Codes:  Twenty one (21) days following a Referral's purchase of a subscription on the Sites, You will receive a coupon or credit (each a "Credit") to use towards your next purchase on the Sites for a lifetime of ten (10) Credits per customer.  With respect to any credit received, you agree that:
    • You will be responsible for any tax obligations relating thereto and for filling out any tax forms that we may request;
    • You acknowledge that a Credit cannot be redeemed for cash and
    • You represent that you will not share the Credit with any third parties or post the Credit to a public website so that it may be used by third parties (thus the reason for the Credit limit).
  3. Compliance with the Program Terms.  HomeAway.com, Inc ("HomeAway") reserves the right to disqualify You or anyone referred to HomeAway by You or any Referrals if You or your Referral(s) fails to comply with the Program Terms.  HomeAway reserves the right to change the Program Terms or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice.
  4. Communications.    By participating in the Program, You agree to receive communications from HomeAway relating to the Program.


Last Revised: October 20, 2014