Protect your vacational rental payments
Don't leave anything to chance

While most vacations go as planned, life is full of surprises. The Carefree Rental Guarantee from HomeAway protects you up to $10,000 if:

  • The owner inadvertently double-books the property
  • The owner wrongfully withholds your security deposit
  • The property is misrepresented
  • The property does not exist or owner's online identity was stolen
  • The home has been foreclosed or is in bankruptcy
Peace of mind starting at $39

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The Carefree Rental Guarantee from HomeAway protects 100% of your vacation rental payments up to $10,000. See details

1. Make sure the listing is still on our website. We can only guarantee listings that are active at the time of purchase. Purchase must be at least 2 days before your trip!

2. Be sure to purchase the Guarantee for the full amount of your rental + security deposit (even if the deposit is refundable).

3. Prior to paying a reservation deposit, always verify payment instructions with the owner or manager by calling the phone number published on the listing.